Friday, March 16, 2018

Pink love

Hello ladies. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen my message that I have the flue and am I not in the mood for nails or anything else. But I was a little bit better and I downloaded the photos and put together this post.

I received for review from the Born Pretty Store some soak-off nail polishes and one of them is a bright pink one. It is from the brand Sugar and has the #609 which is new for me and I was a little bit skeptical first that it won't work. All my fears disappeared when I applied it in just one coat on my nails and I already got a vibrant shade. For a better opacity I painted the second layer and finished it with a top coat. The polish came in a black 7,5 ml bottle and has the usual round brush. It applies easily on the nails, the texture of the polish is perfect and I had no issues at curing either. I loved the result I obtained. 

If you like this nail polish you can find it HERE and other 16 different nail colors  from this brand and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code if you make shopping on the Born Pretty Store site. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Beauty Bigbang sticker review

I wanted to make this review post form a while but now it is the moment in my opinion because you will see flower stickers and we all are waiting for spring, I thought it will be perfect. I received this lacy like flower pattern stickers from the Beauty Bigbang site. Actually it is a set of 8 different patterned stickers with a dimension of  85x110 mm you can see all of them separately bellow.

Before I am showing you both of the manicures I made I want to mention just a few words about the product. The stickers are all nice and versatile but extremely hard to use. They are ticker and being on a bigger sheet it's hard to cut them out exactly for the size of the nails, especially if you want to cover them all. After putting it on the nails it sticks immediately because it has a strong glue on it and afterwards it's hard to remove the excess from the skin because the acetone does not melts the sticker away.Regarding that the nail surface is quite curvy, it's hard to stick it without making a crinkle - at least I couldn't manage to do it. So that's being sad you will see two manicures I made, the first one with two accent nails using one of the patterns covering the whole nail surface. Here you will notice the crinkle I talked above, even my top coat could not handle it to cover. 

In my second manicure I made just one accent nail by cutting the sticker much smaller but covering with top coat still made the crinkles and on the tip after one day it started to lift.

I think these stickers are fantastic for decorating transparent phone cases or even to use them in planners and coloring them afterwards, I don't know, it can be used for many things in my opinion. If you like them and have many ideas to use them, the link to the product is HERE and you can find them on the Beauty Bigbang site in 4 different colors. You're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase on the site

Monday, February 26, 2018

Quickly done manicure

Before I went for a few days to the mountains I made a quick mani because I wanted to protect my nails. You all know when I am in a hurry I use water decals so nothing has changed this time either. I made this mani in no time by using two nail polishes Astor - Golden Green combined with Pupa - Golden dust. Regarding that on that day everything was on fast-forward I made just a few pictures with my phone (sorry for the quality of them) just to show you what I wore. I liked the combo, it's not a perfect match for the colors but in my opinion everything works pretty good together. Don't you think? 

If you like, besides my nail art Instagram account you can see all my travel photos and other stuff too on manases.andrea




I wish you all a fantastic week!


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